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Launching the final goodbye-to-earth for the satellites. Launchers come in many sizes and capabilities, suited for lifting some few tens of kilo into low earth orbit (LEO) to multiple tons into geostationary (transfer) Orbit (GEO).

Kongsberg Space Systems is a provider of Booster Attachment and Release Mechanisms (DAAV/DAAR) to the Ariane 5.
The Attach and Release Mechanisms keeps the boosters safely attached to the main stage during the tough launch of the rocket and then with extreme precision the boosters are released from the main stage. At separation pyrotechnical devices cuts the two forward attach DAAV and the six DAAR struts and the booster can separate from the main stage.
Kongsberg Space Systems will deliver the forward booster attachement and release mechanism (UPPA) for the Ariane 6.
Space Electronics has a niche product, the Level Conditioner. It is used for monitoring fuel levels of liquid Oxygen and Hydrogen during fill and launch for Ariane 5 and 6, as well as for other small size launchers.