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PROTECTOR Lite is KONGSBERGs most compact remote weapon station in the product portfolio, offering full flexibility and modularity in a modernized affordable system.

PROTECTOR Lite is the extension of the highly successful PROTECTOR family with a competitively priced, light weight Remote Weapon Station (RWS). PROTECTOR Lite has significant commonality with PROTECTOR MW family; identical User Interface, similar Operation and Training Procedures. Previous iterations of the PROTECTOR Lite have already been fielded in Afghanistan and Iraq with integrated acoustic Anti Sniper Systems.

PROTECTOR Lite is a highly accurate and efficient alternative to legacy weapon systems such as ring-mounts and pintle mounted weapon systems. The low weight and modularity allows it to be employed in any mission scenario based on Mission, Enemy, Terrain, Troops, Time, Civilians (METTT_C) conditions. The combat proven system can also be employed as a hasty and deliberate defensive position.



  • Qualified for global operations
  • Optimized for low weight and height
  • Safe operation from within the platforms hull
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Common vehicle interface
  • Common Fire Control solution


  • Flexible and modular
  • Low life cycle cost

Technical data

  • (depending on variant)
    - Weight excl. Weapon & Ammunition: 60-80 Kg
    - Height excl. Weapon & Ammunition: 550 mm
  • Full sensor flexibility to meet customer Day, Night and LRF requirements
  • Azimuth 360⁰ unlimited range, 90⁰ /s
  • Elevation -20⁰ to + 70⁰ /s
  • Integrated Weapons:
    - Browning M2 (12,7 mm)
    - M249 (5,56 mm)
    - M240 and UKM-2000C (7,62 mm)