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Meet our apprentice Kristine

Kristine Ristan Aure wanted varied working days in a profession that challenged her. She is therefore an apprentice at Kongsberg Aviation Maintenance Services in the field of  aircraft structure mechanics. 

Tell us a little about your working day as an apprentice in aircraft structure mechanic
- My work day as an apprentice in aircraft structure mechanics consists of a lot of varied types of work, everything from working on helicopters, aircrafts or working inside a plate workshop.

Why did you choose education as aircraft structure mechanic?
- I chose to go into the field of aircraft structure mechanics because it sounded very interesting and I wanted to challenge myself to do something that not so many others do. I thought it sounded a lot of fun to both work with my hands and with different machines.

What does an aircraft structure mechanic do?
- An aircraft structure mechanic makes everything from small parts to different types of aircraft and helicopters. We modify and repair damage to, for example, hulls, wings and bearing structures. We are trained to use different types of machines and tools. Everything from using lathe, bending pipes, composite, to ordinary machines such as saws, grinding tools and drills.

We learn to understand how materials work and behave, and how to process them to get the result we want when we make parts.

Mention positive aspects of the aircraft structure mechanic education 
- The positive side of taking this type of education and working with the subject is that you learn to be '' structured '', trusting yourself and trust the job you do. You learn to collaborate with others, and you get to challenge yourself and learn something new every day, as the type of job can vary from day to day. You get a sense of mastery and are very proud of the results you get.

This education makes you attractive in the job market as there are not so many companies that train aircraft structure mechanics.

What does it take to work in this profession?
- To get a job in this profession, you must complete VG3 flytekniske fag. In addition, this profession requires work motivation, creativity, patience and accuracy. 

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