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Ports and Harbours

Kongsberg Norcontrol provides vessel traffic service (VTS) systems to port authorities to ensure safe navigation and efficient port operation.

Kongsberg Norcontrol is world leader in port, offshore, coastal surveillance and e-Navigation systems for VTS, port, coastal and river authorities.

Successful ports establish Vessel Traffic Services to ensure the safe and efficient movement of vessel traffic through the port’s VTS area.  The Kongsberg Norcontrol C-Scope port VTS system is a scalable, integrated solution that can expand as demand increases.

Our C-Scope VTS system enables port authorities to:

  • Manage marine traffic
  • Identify causes of delays
  • Manage marine risk
  • Optimize utilization of resources
  • Improve port security
  • Visualize both “wet” and “dry” sides
  • Visualize situations in 3D
  • Protect the environment
  • Comply with IALA VTS Recommendations



  • Maritime Port Authorities of Singapore
  • Marine Exchange of Southern California – Los Angeles and Long Beach
  • Gibraltar Port Authority
  • PD Teesport
Lene Vesterlund
VP Marketing & Sales