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Transfer of shares with regards to share program for employees

Today, 10 June 2021, Kongsberg Gruppen ASA has started the transfer of 1,521,301 own shares at price NOK 198.66 per share in conjunction with a share program for employees.

The shares are purchased in the market from 15 March 2021 to 25 May 2021 and the share price corresponds to the average purchase price adjusted for dividends. The participants receive 25 % discount on the purchase price. The discount from market price is subject to taxation. A total of 4,317 employees participated in the program. The maximum number of shares per employee was 488. There is a lock-in period of one year for the shares. This notification and attached document provide an overview of primary insiders who have purchased shares through the program.

Shares in the company have been transferred to the following primary insiders on 10 June 2021:

Geir Håøy has purchased 488 shares

Egil Haugsdal has purchased 488 shares

Eirik Lie has purchased 488 shares

Hege Skryseth has purchased 488 shares

Gyrid Skalleberg Ingerø has purchased 488 shares

Iver Christian Olerud has purchased 488 shares

Hans Petter Blokkum has purchased 488 shares

Even Aas has purchased 488 shares

Christian Karde has purchased 488 shares

Oda Linn Almo Ellingsen has purchased 488 shares

Vegard Ryen Skullerud has purchased 488 shares

Kjersti Rød has purchased 488 shares

Ivar-Andre Flakstad Ihle has purchased 234 shares

Sverre Thorsø has purchased 234 shares

Gry Pedersen Solberg has purchased 156 shares

After these transactions the new holdings are: Geir Håøy 40 297 shares

Egil Haugsdal 39 009 shares

Eirik Lie 13 945 shares

Hege Skryseth 16 824 shares

Gyrid Skalleberg Ingerø 19 393 shares

Iver Christian Olerud 5 821 shares

Hans Petter Blokkum 7 893 shares

Even Aas 29 315 shares

Christian Karde 2 416 shares

Oda Linn Almo Ellingsen 1 073 shares

Vegard Ryen Skullerud 2 597 shares

Kjersti Rød 1 676 shares

Ivar-Andre Flakstad Ihle 819 shares

Sverre Thorsø 234 shares

Gry Pedersen Solberg 635 shares

After this transaction, Kongsberg Gruppen ASA owns 601,021 own shares, corresponding to 0.3% of KONGSBERG's share capital. Out of these 578 262 shares are related to the buy-back of shares for cancelation where the cancelation of shares was approved by the General Meeting on 6 May 2021.