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Annual General Meeting including Board election held on 6 May 2021

Today, 6 May 2021, Kongsberg Gruppen ASA held its Annual General Meeting in Kongsberg, Norway.

All proposals on the agenda were adopted according to the Board's proposal. The Board's proposal for a dividend of NOK 8.00 per share for 2020 was adopted. All shareholder elected board members were up for election.

After the AGM Kongsberg Gruppen’s Board of Directors consist of: Eivind Reiten, chair (re-elected) Anne-Grete Strøm-Erichsen (re-elected) Morten Henriksen (re-elected) Per A. Sørlie (re-elected) Merete Hverven (new) Jo Even Bjerknes, employee representative (new) Rune Fanøy, employee representative (new) Oda Ellingsen, employee representative (new) The minutes from the annual general meeting is published on and in Norwegian only.

An English version of the minutes for information purposes will be made available on in due course. This information is subject to disclosure requirements pursuant to §5-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.

532380_Signert generalforsamlingsprotokoll Kongsberg Gruppen ASA 2021 2.pdf