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RV Celtic Explorer

"RV Celtic Explorer" is an Irish fishery research vessel. It is equipped with scientific echo sounder and sonar systems from Simrad.

"RV Celtic Explorer" is owned and operated by the Marine Institute, Ireland's national agency for marine research. The "RV Celtic Explorer" is their national platform for offshore research activities, and the vessel is committed to carrying out the National Seabed Survey as well as extensive fisheries research.

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Ireland's unique strategic position on the edge of the Atlantic means that the "RV Celtic Explorer" is able to facilitate both national and international research and exploration. The vessel is based in Galway, which is ideally located as the gateway to the Atlantic and geographically close to the main working areas. The "RV Celtic Explorer" is fully compliant with the noise requirements of the ICES 209 CRR Report. It is designed as a multipurpose platform, and fitted with the latest electronics and scientific equipment.

Research vessel Celtic Explorer
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Simrad systems on "RV Celtic Explorer"

"RV Celtic Explorer" is equipped with the following Simrad systems:

  • Simrad EK60 scientific echo sounders with operational frequencies ranging from 18 to 400 kHz
  • Simrad SP70 sonar system with scientific output

Other Kongsberg Maritime systems on "RV Celtic Explorer"

In addition to the fishery research systems provided by Simrad, the "RV Celtic Explorer" is also fitted with the following Kongsberg Maritime systems:

  • Topas PS18 Parametric sub-bottom profiler
  • EM 1002 95 khz Multibeam hydrographic echo sounder
  • EA 600 Hydrographic echo sounder
  • EN 250 Navigation echo sounder
  • Seapath 200 Position, attitude, time and heading sensor