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Ota Oliva

"Ota Oliva" is a Czech research vessel. It is equipped with a scientific echo sounder from Simrad.

You do not need large vessels to do important scientific work. "Ota Oliva" is a fresh water research vessel operated by the Fish Ecology Unit of the Hydrobiological Institute in the Czech Republic.

"Ota Oliva" is equipped with Simrad echo sounders for fish abundance estimation, fish behavior, as well as ecology studies and plankton acoustics in lakes and reservoirs. The vessel is carrying circular and elliptical transducers for both vertical and horizontal orientation of the acoustic beam. The frequencies employed are 120, 200 and 400 kHz.

Photo courtesy of the Fish Ecology Unit of the Hydrobiological Institute. Used with permission.

Simrad systems on "Ota Oliva"

"Ota Oliva" is equipped with the following Simrad system:

  • Simrad EK60 scientific echo sounder