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"G.O.Sars" is a Norwegian fishery research vessel. It is equipped with scientific echo sounders and sonars from Simrad.

"G.O.Sars" is the latest research vessel owned and operated by the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) and the University of Bergen (UIB), both in Norway.

According to the Institute of Marine Research (IMR), the "G.O.Sars" represents a new generation of marine research vessels. By means of vibration- and noise-damped diesel generators and propellers driven by direct current motors, "G.O.Sars" is extremely quiet. It emits 99 percent less noise under water than conventional research vessels. Further, the "G.O.Sars" is one of the most advanced research vessels in the world.

Vessel G.O. Sars
Photo courtesy of the Institute of Marine Research. Used with permission.

Simrad systems on "G.O.Sars"

"G.O.Sars" is equipped with the following Simrad systems:

  • Simrad EK60 scientific echo sounders with operational frequencies ranging from 18 to 400 kHz (six systems)
  • Simrad SP70 sonar system with scientific output
  • Simrad ITI wireless trawl positioning and monitoring system
  • Simrad MS70 scientific multibeam sonar

Other Kongsberg Maritime systems on "G.O.Sars"

In addition to the fishery research systems provided by Simrad, the "G.O.Sars" is also fitted with the following Kongsberg Maritime systems:

  • Topas PS18 Parametric sub-bottom profiler
  • EM 300 30 kHz Multibeam echo sounder system
  • EM 1002 95 khz Multibeam echo sounder system
  • HiPAP Hydroacoustic positioning system
  • SDP Dynamic positioning system
  • SM2000 Multibeam echo sounder
  • EN 250 Navigation echo sounder

"Ship of the year"

In June, 2003, the "G.O.Sars" was awarded "Ship of the year" by the Norwegian Trade Minister, Ansgar Danielsen. This prize is awarded annually, and the use of new and advanced technology is considered particulary important.

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