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FRV Scotia

"FRV Scotia" is a Scottish fishery research vessel. It is equipped with scientific echo sounders and sonars from Simrad.

"FRV Scotia" is owned and operated by Fisheries Research Services (FRS). This is an agency of the Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Department (SEERAD).

Photo courtesy of MARLAB. Used with permission.

FRS provides expert scientific and technical advice to the Government on marine and freshwater fisheries, aquaculture and the protection of the aquatic environment. Their research ships' cruises are central to fish stock assessment and to research into the marine environment.

Simrad systems on "FRV Scotia"

"FRV Scotia" is equipped with the following Simrad systems:

  • Simrad EK60 scientific echo sounders with operational frequencies ranging from 18 to 200 kHz (four systems)
  • Simrad ES60 fish finding echo sounders with operational frequencies 50 and 200 kHz
  • Simrad SH80 fish finding sonar
  • Simrad SR240 fish finding sonar
  • Simrad ITI wireless trawl positioning and monitoring system

Other Kongsberg Maritime systems on "FRV Scotia"

In addition to the fishery research systems provided by Simrad, the "FRV Scotia" is also fitted with the following Kongsberg Maritime systems:

  • EA 500 hydrographic echo sounder
  • EM 950 95 kHz Multibeam echo sounder system
  • SM2000 Multibeam echo sounder
  • Synchronisation system

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