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K-Sim Navigation Operator Course 2

After the course, the successful participant has achieved a level of application of K-Sim Navigation. Use of instructor station software at integration level. The objective is to enable the trainee to use the simulator to best of ability to create, execute and analyze exercises.

Maritime Instructors, Simulator Operators, Assessors.

K-Sim® Navigation Operator Course 1.

The K-Sim Navigation Operator Course 2 delivers advanced knowledge and understanding of the Instructor Station concept and how the tools can be used to create and deliver training content to the learner.

Themes in the course are:
K-SIM system architecture
Simulator software features
Advanced exercise development.
Set up and use of object and features, (e.g. tugging- routing- lines-)
Recording, playback, debriefing and assessment.
Parameter logging.


K-Sim Navigation Operator Course 2

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