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Transducteurs d'échosondeurs scientifiques

Accurate and reliable single beam and split beam transducers for scientific applications

To meet the high requirements of the scientific community and to have full control of performance and quality, all our transducers are design, produced and tested by our state-of-the-art transducer production unit in Horten. Our range of transducers are made to cover all needs and applications within the scientific community.

Standard transducers

Our scientific transducers cover the frequency range from 18 to 710 kHz. Split beam transducer are offered for 38, 70, 120 and 200 kHz and our transducers are all avaliable with the same beam angle. This is requiered for valid comparison of data simultaneously collected at different frequencies.

Deep water transducers

Exploration of our seas involves studies of fish and plankton at deep water. Our growing deep water transducer range are made to resist water pressure down to 1500 meter.

Elliptical transducers

Elliptical transducers are particularly useful in shallow environments like a river. A narrow opening angle in the vertical plane will secure long ranges due to reduced interference with surface and bottom. A wide angle in the horizontal plane will increase detections from a target moving through the acoustic beam providing more data for improved analysis.

Composite technology

Simrad is the first company to introduce a transducer range based on composite technology.