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Simrad CP60

The Simrad CP60 is a cost-effective current indicator system. It is based on similar hardware components as the Simrad ES80 wideband echo sounder but uses a dedicated transducer.

The Simrad CP60 can measure up to five individual layers of water current. The transducer operates on 200 kHz. This frequency offers a range that is deep enough for most purse seines. The measurements provided are the speed of the water current and geographical or relative direction. The CP60 also provides a backscatter display for each channel.

The CP60 can export the measured water current data to other systems on your vessel. Providing this information to a Simrad sonar is specifically useful. However, the CP60 uses a standard NMEA datagram, which means that any system on your vessel can benefit from the data.

Besides the water current measurements, the CP60 offers a built-in single-beam echo sounder. The beam opening on this transducer element is 27 degrees. This beam opening angle makes it ideal for fish detection higher up in the water column.

The CP60 uses the CP200-5C transducer. For maximum measurement accuracy, we strongly recommend connecting a motion reference unit (MRU) to the CP60. If a motion reference unit is unavailable, use a motion sensor to measure roll and pitch. Use a global positioning system (GPS) as a minimum solution.

To obtain precision data that are both detailed and correct, it is necessary to align the transducer and measure its location and offset relative to the vessel’s coordinate system. You must calibrate the CP60 system with the CP200-5C transducer before you use it.

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