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Simrad ES80 with ADCP functionality

With the ADCP (acoustic Doppler current profiler) functionality, the ES80 offers accurate current velocity measurements in up to five individually defined depth layers.

The Simrad ES80 echo sounder is more than an efficient and versatile fish-finding split-beam echo sounder! With the CP200-5C transducer, the ES80 offers accurate water current velocity measurements in up to five individually defined layers. The speed and direction of the water currents throughout the water column are measured and presented as a function of the depth. The transducer operates on 200 kHz. This frequency offers a range that is deep enough for most purse seines.


This screen captures shows the ES80 with the ADCP information pane open. The velocity of the water current is shown for several different depths.

The acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) functionality offered by the Simrad ES80 is based on the CP200-5C transducer. The CP200-5C is a specialized transducer with three ADCP beams and one echo sounder beam. You can use the ES80 and the CP200-5C transducer as a “standalone” system. You can also add the CP200-5C with an extra transceiver to an existing ES80 system by simply connecting the new transceiver to your Ethernet switch.
The CP200-5C provides a separate single-beam echo sounder transducer element. Even with the CP200-5C as your only transducer, the ES80 offers standard echogram views. With an opening angle of 27 degrees, this is an ideal instrument for fish detection in the upper parts of the water column, for example, before you set the purse seine.


This screen capture shows the "Beam Velocity" view on the ES80. The Beam Velocity view presents the velocity of the water along the direction of each acoustic beam. The travelling time of the sound waves gives you an estimate of the distance. The frequency shift of the echo is proportional to the water velocity along the acoustic path. The beams are used to create a profile of the water velocities in the beam direction.

Important: To enjoy the ADCP functionality, your system must have a CP200-5C transducer and software version 21.15 or later.