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K-Sim® Engine and K-Sim® Cargo

Our K-Sim Engine and K-Sim Cargo eLearning solutions for maritime education and training enable you as instructor to get access to advanced simulators online, and to manage and distribute your simulation exercises to your students, who can practice and prepare for their exams - anytime and anywhere.

Both our K-Sim Engine and K-Sim Cargo simulators are now available as online / eLearning modules on K-Sim Connect, which is our platform and ecosystem for maritime simulation and training.

Our cloud-based training solutions are easy to use and enable you to upload your own exercises from the instructor system at school to the K-Sim Connect platform, efficiently manage them and make them available for your students. When the students have completed the exercise, you can download an assessment file with the score to give personal feedback.

Access to simulators at school is often limited to capacity and school-hours, while it’s a common understanding that repetition is key to increase the level of competence. With the eLearning module, students have the possibility to practice and test what happens if they do something wrong and to repeat challenging operations until they have gained the knowledge expected.


All our K-Sim Engine and K-Sim Cargo models can be made available as eLearning models and currently available models are: 

K-Sim Engine models available: 

Slow speed engine models

Medium/High speed engine models

Diesel Electric engine models

Steam turbine engine model

Special task engine models

K-Sim Cargo models available:


All the above eLearning models are delivered with a set of pre-made exercises to help you get started, but the intention is that either use or develop your own exercises in your instructor system and upload them to the eLearning solution at K-Sim Connect for distribution to your students.

subscription-based service

All our cloud-based elearning models are subscription-based services.  Please see the marketplace on, or contact us for an offer adaptable to your number of students and current training needs.

It is possible to add more licenses and users depending on your needs.


Please contact us to sign up for the required licenses and get access to K-Sim Connect and the eLearning module at . The system is intuitive and easy for instructors to use, and our support team is ready to help you to get started.