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Kognitwin® Energy

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Unify data, knowledge and people. Enable the best decision every time.

This is Kognitwin Energy

Beyond being a virtual replica of your industrial facility, Kognitwin Energy, our dynamic digital twin delivers a rich framework for advanced digitalization and analytics, including a range of solutions that can be customized to attend your needs.

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Delivering net zero through digital twins

Kognitwin provides open access to all data from the asset in one place through a simple virtual interface, with customisable analytics. By providing an accurate overview of energy assets, the digital twin enables efficiency, reduction of emissions and acceleration of the energy transition.


Free Webinar 📆 From Oil & Gas to #NetZero

Did you miss the webinar regarding #NetZero? We got you covered, watch the full recording of the session by clicking below. In the session, we will celebrate the successful 20 years of LedaFlow advanced transient multiphase flow simulation software as well as present our vision for the future. Together with experts from partner companies, we will introduce the technology journey, unveil real use cases and discuss the role of flow assurance in the energy transition.

Get your Hybrid Machine Learning Whitepaper

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, Physics Models... How can the energy industry go beyond these buzzwords? And most important, how can you get real value out of it?


Kognifai Marketplace: Choose from market leading applications for more efficient, safe and sustainable vessel operations

Kognitwin Unify

The contextualization engine ties all data, structure and semantics together without relying on any master model. It provides data preparation, ingestion and contextualization and other transformation capabilities and thereby acts as the glue that links the various objects, from different sources, together. It utilizes models, algorithms and artificial intelligence such as machine learning to drive efficiency to drive efficient data unification.

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Beyond the visuals

Aside from providing virtual replicas of energy facilities, Kognitwin® Energy offers easy access to monitoring, dynamic simulation, and high-quality predictions in real time.

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Kognitwin Grid

As the energy system is facing an influx of intermittent, distributed and renewable energy and a sharp increase in electrification we are developing the tool that our power grid operators enable and accelerate the energy transition.

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Why choose Kongsberg Digital

With years of experience and domain knowledge, Kongsberg Digital is a global and solid technology provider. Together with our team of experts, we serve leading energy companies with innovative solutions to unlock maximum value. Here are some reasons why Kongsberg Digital is the ideal partner for digitalization in heavy asset industries.

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