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DNVGL DPO Specialization Advanced Operations

This course is specifically designed for training future DPO’s onboard a large number of offshore vessels. After the course the successful participant has:
- Acquired a thorough knowledge of the various types of DP operations. Examples of operations: cable laying, pipe laying, ROV operations, trenching, dredging and rock-dumping
- The capability to operate the DP in the various modes associated with such operations, i.e. joystick, auto pos. mode, autotrack mode and follow target mode
- The competence to recognize when environmental conditions or system failure requires DPO to take action to avoid hazardous situations
- The ability to carry out such operations according to existing operational guidelines and checklists
- The ability to demonstrate good personal attitudes towards safety in operating DP vessels according to best practice in the industry

Officers working on DP equipped offshore vessels performing ROV operations, Cable laying, Pipe laying, Trenching, Dredging and Rock-dumping, seeking a DNV GL
DPO Advanced Operations certification.

The participants should have completed initial DP Training: DNV GL: DPO Preparation, DPO Start, or NI: DP Induction and DP Simulator courses (also with expired NI DPO license).
Documented at least 270 hours of DP operations, reported on DNV GL task list and IMCA logbook. 


DNV GL DPO Specialization Advanced operation


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Until further notice, the courses will be run with restrictions due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

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