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The Permanent Magnet Azimuth thruster is a new addition to the Kongsberg Maritime family of thrusters, building on a completely new approach to thruster design and motor integration. The AZ-PM meets operational requirements with focus on performance and reliability.

The AZ-PM is built around permanent magnet motor technology and a propeller running on roller bearings, supported by a central shaft. The central shaft is supported by stays. These stays and the central bearing housing recover some of the swirl energy created by the propeller, providing additional thrust.

The Kongsberg Maritime thruster meets strict quality requirements. The AZ-PM thruster contains fewer rotating parts compared to mechanical azimuthing thrusters, and thus has fewer components subject to wear and tear.

The azimuth PM thruster is the latest environmentally friendly thruster from Kongsberg Maritime. The highly efficient PM motor, with no requirement for an internal cooling system and no lubrication pumps results in a highly energy efficient thruster. The thruster is approved for EAL (Environmentally Approved Lubricant) and the oil volume in the thruster is reduced by more than 50% compared to other azimuth thrusters.


Z-PM is suitable for applications requiring up to 16 knot transit speed. Other applications will be investigated on request.

Technical data

AZ-PM 1900 AZ-PM 2600*
Power (kW) 500 - 1100 1100 - 2600*
Thruster (kN) 191kN at 0knot 411kN at 0knot*
RPM 252 187*
Propeller diameter (mm) 1900 2600*
Propeller type Monobloc/FP Monobloc/FP*
Direction of rotation CW/CCW CW/CCW*
Drive AFE or 12-pulse drive AFE or 12-pulse drive*

* In development.
Approximate values, provided for information only. Actual thrust may vary for given applications.
De-rating may be required on 12-pulse drive installations.
All data is subject to change without prior notice.

• Compact design

• Permanent Magnet motor

• Steering machine

  • • Compact design

  • • Permanent Magnet motor

  • • Steering machine

  • Compact design
  • High energy efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Low noise and vibration
The AZ-PM consist of:
Underwater unit:
  • Permanent Magnet motor
  • Monobloc fixed pitch propeller
  • Hydrodynamic fairings
Inboard unit:
  • Steering machine
  • Slip ring unit
  • Lubrication system