December 2020

The Full Picture Magazine


Welcome to the first fully digital edition of The Full Picture Magazine! Our theme is ocean sustainability and the vital role that KONGSBERG is playing in helping our customers achieve this.

Our people, expertise, innovation and spirit of collaboration all drive our passion to work with others in protecting our planet.

Our oceans are critical to us all. They sustain humanity and all other forms of life and their well-being is critically linked to our own. However, pollution, habitat loss, climate change and overfishing mean they are under pressure as never before.

That’s why KONGSBERG supports The Ocean Panel, a unique global initiative involving 14 world leaders co-chaired by Norway. This is promoting a compelling new sustainable agenda to protect the world’s waters.

We have sought out some of the finest examples of the company’s commitment to our customers in working tirelessly together to achieve sustainability in our oceans. They showcase the work we are doing collaboratively to meet one of the most important global issues we face today.

We take you on board the RRS Sir David Attenborough, one of the most sophisticated research vessels ever built, to reveal how KONGSBERG’S integrated systems are now playing a key role for the UK Natural Environment Research Council's British Antarctic Survey in transforming our understanding of the polar regions.

You can read how KONGSBERG is helping to significantly reduce carbon emissions around the Norwegian capital of Oslo by providing the technology for autonomous electric barges operated by the retail logistics giant ASKO. The CEO of ASKO’s maritime division, Kai Just Olsen, tells us why partner collaboration on this pioneering project is key.

In another groundbreaking sustainability mission KONGSBERG is supplying vital technology to a new multipurpose research and expedition vessel – the world’s largest. Nina Jensen and Alex Rogers of our customers REV Ocean talk to us about how together we can help repair the marine environment.

Ocean Infinity is another KONGSBERG customer. It uses our workhorse HUGIN Autonomous Underwater Vehicle in a number of new and innovative ways in the toughest of environments. The company’s Josh Broussard explains why KONGSBERG is up to the task.

You can dive below the surface to meet the extraordinary Eelume, a “snake robot” that comes straight from the pages of a science-fiction novel but which is now transforming unmanned operations on the seabed. Pål Atle Solheimsnes from our partner Equinor explains the importance of collaboration.

You can discover how Sølvtrans became the world’s largest wellboat company for the live transportation of salmon and trout by treating fish like ‘wealthy passengers on a luxury cruise’. We are working with Sølvtrans and ship designers Myklebust to build the advanced vessels needed for this humane approach.

Next, we highlight the crucial role that Norway's new CRIMAC centre will play in improving the monitoring of marine ecosystems. As a partner, KONGSBERG IS supporting this with our investment and technology.

And two more “must-read” articles have to be on how the company’s innovative technology has played a vital part in working collaboratively to protect endangered salmon and preserve fish stocks around Peru.

Finally, with offshore wind farms set to drive a green energy revolution, our writers look at KONGSBERG’s sophisticated maritime technologies which have the potential to work with our customers in revolutionising the world’s electricity generation.

I hope you enjoy discovering how, along with our customers and partners, we are leading sustainable change.

Gunvor Hatling Midtbø
Vice President - Communication
Kongsberg Maritime