KONGSBERG’s integrated Wind Turbine Installation Vessel technology chosen by COSCO

Kongsberg Maritime has won another important customer for its industry-leading Wind Turbine Installation Vessel (WTIV) technology, following the signing of contracts totalling EUR 49m with the Chinese shipbuilder COSCO Shipping (Qidong) Offshore. The agreement will see Kongsberg Maritime (KM) supply comprehensive technology packages for two new NG-20000X WTIVs, which COSCO is constructing for the Denmark-based service provider Cadeler.

KM’s Integrated Solution for Wind Turbine Installation Vessels will be crucial to the delivery and operation of the new vessels, which are destined to be among the largest of their type and capable of transporting and installing multiple sets of next- and future-generation wind turbines, and their foundations. This well-proven suite of solutions combines KM’s optimised thruster package and dynamic positioning functionalities to maintain operability in all conditions.

Monitoring and control of the KM components will be handled by a K-Chief marine automation system. Tailored energy control functionalities will optimise energy efficiency and reduce the WTIVs’ environmental footprints, and the battery hybrid electrical system includes such novel solutions as ThrustAllocator™ and PowerBoost™ to increase the vessels’ operational capability while reducing the number of engines and fuel consumption required for both crane operations and DP manoeuvring.

The state-of-the art vessels will also include technology for the regeneration of power from the jacking system and cranes. To further reduce the environmental footprint and minimise downtime, KM has also included its new onboard advisory system, EcoAdvisor™, and a condition-based monitoring system to extend maintenance intervals and detect any anomalies in the rotating equipment.

“Cadeler is committed to providing safe, high quality and reliable offshore services, with a strong focus on safety and the environment,” says Mikkel Gleerup, CEO at Cadeler. “KONGSBERG’s innovative WTIV solution will help us to pursue new levels of efficiency and enable the world's transition to a future built on offshore renewable energies.”

“We take a genuine pride in bringing the benefits of our technological expertise to all maritime sectors,” adds Egil Haugsdal, President, Kongsberg Maritime, and the bespoke solution we have devised for wind turbine installation vessels indicates how much thought and effort we devote to facilitating and encouraging sustainable marine operations.

The first of the new WTIVs, which will service the European renewable energy market, is expected to be delivered before the end of Q3 2024. The second is expected by Q1 2025.

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GUNVOR HATLING MIDTBØ, Vice President, Communications,
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