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PROTECTOR - Remote Weapon Station(RWS) is a remotely controlled weapon station for light and medium calibre weapons and can be mounted on any type of platform. PROTECTOR has been in full scale production since December 2001. Since then more than 17 000 systems have been sold to 17 nations.

The PROTECTOR family of Remote Weapon Stations consists of six different variants suitable for any missions; M151, M153, Sea, Lite, Super Lite and Medium Caliber RWS. As a complete package KONGSBERG provides PROTECTOR Training Systems.

The weapon station consists of a sophisticated weapon tower featuring electro-optical sights and allows the system to be operated from inside the vehicle with a high degree of precision to protect the gunner from beeing exposed.

CROWS II: August 2007 - PROTECTOR was awarded for CROWS II by US Army.

2006:  KONGSBERG opened repair and overhaul facilities for the US Market, Kongsberg Defense Corporation, in Johnstown, PA, USA. KONGSBERG also has a sales office for the PROTECTOR in Washington, DC, USA.

2007: KONGSBERG teamed with Thales Land 6 Joint Systems for support in the UK market. PROTECTORs for the UK market are manufactured and supported by Thales UK at their modern manufacturing facility in Galsgow, Scotland.

2010: Production facilities was established in London, Ontario Canada for support in the Canadian market

2010: Office and sales representatives established in Melbourne, Australia for support in the Australian and Asian markets.


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