Share: No Drilling Surprises Console

The No Drilling Surprises (NDS) Console provides information related to geologic uncertainty with a focus on the safety of drilling operations. Various NDS widgets allow users to correlate horizons, zones, risks, and annotations in the current well while referencing the original well plan and offset wells.

The NDS Console has been designed specifically to perform three main functions: 

1.  Acting as graphic and visual support for the representation of the pre-drill analysis, the risks that have been identified are displayed together with the planned formation markers as well as historical log data and formation markers from offset wells in a single display. 

2.  Correlation of geologic horizons, zones, risks, NPT events, annotations and other relevant information for the current well with the well plan and offset wells in the geological area. 

3.  Provide to the engineering and geologist teams a summary of the current operations in real-time with a focus on using previously collected data to improve safety and efficiency of current operations.

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