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The Cementing Console is primarily designed as a tool to improve the monitoring capability of the cement job by gathering cement design and execution data in a consistent format.

This allows operators to verify what is happening on the rig is what has been planned in the office. The Cementing Console monitors real-time execution of the cement job, presenting key, measured and calculated, values to support verification of cement well barriers. It is designed to support cementing the primary casing by focusing on: 

•  real-time determination of the current stage of the cement job (what is being pumped) compared to the plan. 

•  real-time monitoring of the volume of fluid that has been pumped during each stage of the cementing job.  

•  real-time monitoring of the total volume of fluid pumped during the cementing job. 

•  real-time monitoring of fluid gains or losses during the cement job. 

•  real-time tracking of the cementing components that are in the well during the cement job.

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