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Assure your flow with our experts

KONGSBERG has a team of experienced LedaFlow Consultants ready to work closely with you at all stages of a project from concept, through FEED and detailed design and into operations. We provide expert services which enable you to maximise the value of LedaFlow on your project.

Typical flow assurance analysis work provided by KONGSBERG includes:

  • Steady-State multiphase flow modelling
    • Pipeline sizing
    • Insulation requirements
  • Transient multiphase flow modelling
    • Liquid management
    • Slug catcher sizing
    • Slug mitigation
    • Hydrate management
    • Cool down time analysis
    • Chemical injection tracking
  • Wax deposition studies
  • Hydrate formation and transportation studies
  • Pigging operations support
  • Well performance studies
    • Clean-up optimisation
    • Restart analysis
    • Liquid loading prediction
    • Artificial lift operation
    • Slug mitigation
  • Flow Induced Pulsation (FLIP) analysis
  • Corrosion and erosion studies
  • Third party review
  • Training 
    • Public LedaFlow training courses
    • In-house LedaFlow training courses

Application areas

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