Share: KONGSBERG release Ledaflow 2.2

Kongsberg Digital is pleased to announce the latest release of the LedaFlow advanced transient multiphase flow simulator, which includes an improved vertical flow model, a user-defined phase split option, a generic single-component module, and numerous workflow improvements.

Vertical flow model

New experiments, exclusive for LedaFlow, have been performed in the large-scale riser at the Tiller laboratory (pictured above). The results of these experiments have been used to improve the performance of LedaFlow for vertical flow modeling.

The main improvement has been to provide more accurate pressure-drop and hold-up predictions for liquid-dominated vertical flows. A new physical flow regime called Churn Flow which is only used above inclinations of 60 degrees has been introduced.

User-defined phase split

For junction nodes with three pipes connected, the user can define the amount of incoming liquid that will enter one pipe when the flow diverges. The remaining liquid enters the other pipe.

This feature is specifically useful for horizontal branches connected to the main line. Here, the flow can preferentially travel either in the main line or the branch, based on the flow rate.

Generic single-component module

Multiphase single-component systems such as CO2 can now be simulated by LedaFlow. Multiflash PVT should be used to supply the required thermodynamic data.

Force calculations in bends

It is now possible for LedaFlow to predict forces on the pipe bends that are due to flow changes. This is used in conjunction with the existing slug capturing functionality, which resolves hydrodynamic slugs.

Workflow improvements

In addition to the new model features detailed above, LedaFlow version 2.2 also includes for automatic backup of cases (by creating input and output files) and user-defined plot templates.

All of these improvements are provided free of charge to existing users with valid maintenance and support agreements.

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