Share:Kongsberg Digital and KPMG launch new complete cybersecurity partnership for the maritime industry

KONGSBERG and KPMG to help maritime companies make a safe and secure transition to the new connected digital market.

The International Marine Organization (IMO) has given ship owners until 2021 to ensure cybersecurity incorporation into ship safety standards. Therefore, KPMG and KONGSBERG have joined forces to help clients in the maritime industry with complete cybersecurity solutions that cover all aspects of their operations. In the years to come, the partners expect the industry adoption of new digital solutions will accelerate significantly, having a major impact on operations and existing business models in the maritime sector. Increased digitalization also means greater cyber risks.

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“90 percent of global trade is carried by ship, and digitalization of the maritime industry will enable vast increases in efficiency, safety, and productivity,” says Hege Skryseth, President of Kongsberg Digital and Executive Vice President KONGSBERG. “But there are also threats. No more than you would climb Mount Everest without bringing a first aid kit, should you digitalize without thinking about cybersecurity. KONGSBERG has a long history of delivering world-class security solutions to a broad specter of industries, and by joining forces with KPMG, we can ensure our cybersecurity and risk management solutions stay on top of the constantly changing threat landscape.”

By combining KONGSBERG’s expertise within technology for the maritime sector and digital ecosystems with KPMG’s top-level knowledge of cybersecurity advisory and digital risk management, the two companies aim at providing the maritime sector with innovative digital services to address existing and future cybersecurity risks.

"From broad experience with our clients in the maritime, critical infrastructure and logistics sector, we see that the maritime industry has an exciting digitalization opportunity, that can only be harvested with proper risk management in place" says Arne Helme, Partner Cybersecurity at KPMG. "We develop data-driven solutions that enable organisations in making the right risk-based investments in cybersecurity and proof compliance. Teaming up with KONGSBERG is a next step into tailoring these solutions to the maritime industry."

The new cybersecurity partnership is launched in September 2018.

Cybersecurity and the maritime industry

  • Globally, almost 17 million cyberattacks occur every week.
  • In 2018, cybercrime is estimated to cost the global economy around $600 billion.
  • Among the greatest threats are malware like WannaCry, data breaches, phishing, social engineering and insider threats, hacking and hacktivism, weaponization of AI, and human error.
  • 50,000 ships in the maritime transport industry remain highly exposed to cyberattacks.
  • The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has given ship owners and managers until 2021 to incorporate cyber risk management into ship safety.

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