Share: K-Sim VTS - Vessel Traffic Services Simulator

IALA recommendation

The simulator exceeds the relevant recommendations as stated in IALA model courses V-103/1 and V-103/2.

Instructor stations

Much effort has gone into the design of our instructor and debriefing facilities. This has resulted in the most user-friendly and flexible workstation available today. Our debriefing equipment includes colour printers, large screen projectors, communication recording, etc.

VTS operator station

The VTS operator station is based on Kongsberg Norcontrol IT's real operator station VOC 5060 software delivered to a large number of ports around the world. Our modular design allows any communication system to be provided, and makes adaptation to special training requirements easy.

Ship/Bridge station

To create realistic communication and traffic patterns for the VTS operators, up to 16 smaller ship/bridge stations can be provided.

Own ships bridges

Where required one or more full mission bridges can be connected to provide nautical knowledge (module 4), combining VTS and ship's bridge simulation.

Exercise areas

We have a large library of exercise areas. New areas are continuously added. Exercise areas will normally consist of radar, depth, buoy and VTS chart.


In addition to Radar targets the instructor may add transponder target tracks. These will appear on the VOC with symbol and ID tag depicting target identity; position, course and speed, regardless of Radar coverage and without VOC operator acquiring the target.

Customer benefits

  • Up to 16 VTS operator stations
  • Radar and chart display
  • VHF
  • Telephone
  • AIS targets
  • Exceeds relevant recommendations stated in IALA model courses V-103/1 and V-03/2

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