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In order to meet different training requirements our bridge simulator can be configured with one or several instructor stations up to a maximum of eight. These instructor stations can be used to control the same or different exercises. In the case of different exercises, one can divide the own ships bridges between the instructor stations in any order. The bridge simulator will then work as two or more separate simulators.

Customer benefits

  • Easy operation
  • Multiple windows for better overview
  • Effects include waves, banks & channels, mooring lines, fenders, etc.
  • A number of automated function aids the instructor
  • One own ship can tug an other
  • Advanced assessment and student profiling system
  • Self study mode
  • Built-in user's manual

Customize your bridges


We have a large selection of bridge console modules available. These allow you to custom-tailor your bridge layout at the price of a standard system. Up to 26 individual own ships bridges can be included with each simulator. Special consoles can be made to order. We provide assistance in selecting equipment and in facility planning, for you to acquire the best possible training environment to meet your specific training needs.

Typical bridge console arrangements

  • Conventional
  • Cockpit style
  • T-shape
  • Stern first operation (supply boat)
  • Inland waterways, US & European
  • Navy, including ops room
  • Replica
  • Voith-Schneider
  • GMDSS console

Instrument Panels

To allow you complete freedom when specifying your ships bridge simulator, you simply select the panels you need. Bridge equipment is made available as a large variety of instrument panels. All instrument panels are designed using the same modular size and all consoles have standard cut-outs. This makes individual placing of instruments easy.

Equipment types

  • Navigation systems
  • Communication systems
  • Control systems
  • Safety systems
  • Monitoring instrumentation
  • GMDSS instrumentation
  • Voith-Schneider instrumentation
  • Anchor handling instrumentation
  • Inland waterway instrumentation, US & European
  • Navy bridge instrumentation

ARPA Radar - simulated and real radars

We offer both emulated radar skins and can interface to real radars. Most commercially available radar and ARPA displays can be connected to our ships bridge simulator. When connected they function in the same manner and with much the same accuracy as they would on-board. Our radar stimulator take into account such operator selections as pulse length, tune signal and range selection.

ARPA radar benefits

  • Three dimensional radar database
  • Effects include tidal height, shadowing and earths curvature
  • Buoys, racons and SART
  • Airborne targets
  • Rain clutter, sea clutter, interference, white noise, etc.

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