Share: Polaris bridge simulator - Visual system

Our visual systems use PCs and the latest graphics technology. Visual scenes are constructed using the industry standard realtime 3D scene description database, OpenFlight®, and the software is virtually hardware independent. This makes expansion and upgrading easy as technology progresses. The realism depth perception and ability to realistically recreate the various conditions experienced at sea, placesit in a class of it's own.

Scene content

Safe navigation requires attention to detail. The level of detail found in SeaView®R5 meets the requirements of the most demanding navigational tasks. Traffic vessel roll and pitch, tug operations alongside and the movement of hoses and mooring lines provide a level of detail not previously available with ship simulation.


The superiority of SeaView®R5 is based on its ability to incorporate visual enhancements. Special effects include photo-realistic-texturing, mip-mapped textures, transparency and transparent textures, wind and wave related 3D-sea state, a selection of sky textures, sea colours and sun angle dependent illumination.

Target ships

Traffic ships can be fully photo-textured and includes navigation lights, superstructure, enlivened bow and stern waves and wakes varying with speed. Rotating radar antennas or propeller blades such as for Hoover crafts or other moving sub-models are included. They move according to their orientation and prevailing sea state. Targets are capable of showing various day symbols or light configurations indicating their activities (such as restricted ability to manoeuvre) according to rules of the road. Special targets include airplanes, helicopters, floating ice and iceberg targets, life rafts, Kisbee ring etc. Targets with strobe lights are available for instance for SAR (Search and Rescue) training.

Environmental effects

The level of fidelity found in the SeaView®R5 will truly test the ship handling and navigation skills of the most seasoned deck officer. Beyond day, dusk and night capabilities the system also includes a highly realistic restricted visibility feature including rain, snow, transparent and opaque fog as well as wind- induced waves at the instructors control.

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