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Protect your Simulator System Investment!

How do you ensure that your simulator system investment is up-to-date, receives the required maintenance and the support needed in order to maximize the rate of return on your investment?

The Long-Term System Support Program (LTSSP) is our commitment to providing world class, flexible system support to our global simulation system customers. The LTSSP is a family of pre-packaged, as well as customizable support offering that provides continuous life-time support for uninterrupted simulator availability.

Three levels

The LTSSP consists of three different levels of support:

  • Basic Care

  • Priority Care

  • Premium Customized Care

Each support level offering has been predefined and pre-packaged to target different customers’ needs. In addition, the Premium Customized Level goes beyond the normal scope of support programs by offering a flexible, customizable, support framework which can be modified and tailored specifically to a customer’s requirements and wishes.

Investing in a LTSSP ensures that your simulation system is up to date, and provides the assistance you need in order to deliver the best simulation training available.

Key Features & Benefits*

  • Direct connection to system experts, minimizing staff time investment
  • Pro-active support to prevent system failures and minimize down time
  • 24/7 worldwide technical support
  • Operational security, allowing users to focus on training and less on troubleshooting technical issues
  • Direct access to the KM simulation service portal for online resources and support issue tracking
  • Software updates that keep you at the forefront of maritime training
  • Fixed and predictable support & maintenance costs
  • Return on simulation system investment
  • A match between customer needs and the support KM delivers
  • System performance that improves over time
  • Provide training for simulator instructors
  • Top level support with priority response
  • Access to Kongsberg Maritime Simulation User Conference

*Depending on the LTSSP Care Level acquired.

KM User Conference

Attending the annual KM User Conference is an excellent way to interact with other users and to exchange ideas related to classroom utilization of the simulator system. In addition, it allows Customers to participate in relationship-building with KM, as well as receive the latest news on KM products, services and software releases. The User Conference facilitates the sharing of new ideas and enhances the collective knowledge of the international simulation community. By providing feedback through organized workshops, the Customer becomes a proactive part in shaping tomorrow’s simulation technology.

Customer testimonial

"With the extensive range of simulator systems and training and research programs with STAR Center, our LTSSP with KM Simulation provides system updates and support to maintain high levels of simulator availability and keep pace with advances in simulator technologies and applications".

-- Brian Long, Director, STAR Center, Dania, USA

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