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K-Sim Tactical Boat Handling Simulator is designed to create a highly realistic and immersive simulated training environment for high-speed navigation, boat handling and tactical operations. The solution is based on the cutting-edge K-Sim technology platform enabling more realistic training scenarios and enhanced user benefits for boat operators and instructors.

Realistic Boat Behavior Through Advanced Hydrodynamic Modelling

The Tactical Boat Handling Simulator utilizes K-Sim’s advanced physics engine and cutting-edge hydrodynamic vessel modelling capabilities to simulate high-speed vessels, and make them behave very closely to how they would do in real life. The simulator provides a fully interoperable representation and creates a realistic and accurate simulation of the boat’s behavior, wave interaction, stern wave effects and impact on other vessels/objects. The Tactical Boat Handling Simulator can be delivered with generic fast craft hydrodynamic models as well as with KONGSBERG’s custom made models. These models are developed from recorded vessel performance data and validated against real vessel behavior, allowing the fast craft model to behave and interact realistically, improving the realism of training significantly.

Providing the crew with the perception of operating in an actual environment.

The simulator design comprises an advanced motion system scaled to realistically simulate the operating environment and boat-type characteristics at various speed ranges and sea states. The motion platform movement correlates to the propulsion system and hull type characteristics of the real boat. To provide the trainees with the perception of operating in an actual environment, the simulator is equipped with a low radius, cylindrical visual projection system, designed with a larger vertical field of view to improve the visual experience through the motion envelope. The physical bridge layout is designed to replicate the on-board operator positions, configured specifically to the boat type with the possibility to integrate real controllers, indicators and displays.

Tactical Training and integration of Weapons Trainer

The solution can include weapons training capabilities, for multiple weapons types, integrated into the simulator. This creates an extremely realistic training environment to effectively train the boat crew, in not only boat handling and high-speed navigation, but also highly realistic and full-scale tactical scenarios including weapons engagement. Maritime organizations will be provided with the possibility to train all onboard crew functions, in the full range of operational scenarios within their mission portfolio.
Instructor System

The K-Sim Tactical Boat Handling Simulator includes the same state-of-the-art instructor, monitoring and assessment system as K-Sim Navigation, developed with the user experience firmly in focus. In addition to the realistic environment for students, instructors benefit from an award winning* instructor system designed to facilitate ease of use. It features an intuitive and modern educational tool utilising a modified ECDIS chart as a starting point with drag & drop function for creating exercises. The instructor system also includes automatic recording and an advanced assessment system for ensuring optimal training and feedback standards.

*Award for Design Excellence from the Norwegian Design Council

Traning Objectives Met

The K-Sim Tactical Boat Handling Simulator meets the demanding training needs associated with high-speed boat operations and the complex operating environment in modern naval warfare and law enforcement. The simulator solution allows for effective training in high-risk operations, in a controlled and safe environment. The solution is adaptable to a wide range of user groups that operate high-speed boats: 

  • Special Operations Forces
  • Coast Guards
  • Navies
  • Search and Rescue Organisations
  • Marine Police Forces
  • Pilots
  • Customs and Border Patrols
  • Fire Departments
  • Maritime- and Fast Rescue Craft training providers
  • Ship builders and manufacturers
The simulator solution supports the full range of training within boat operations, from basic familiarisation training to advanced operational related training on operator, crew, team, squadron level:
  • Boat handling and navigation
    • Boat and equipment familiarization
    • Basic to advanced high-speed navigation
    • Basic to advanced boat handling and maneuvering
    • High speed tactical maneuvers and interception
  • Tactics, techniques and procedures 
    • SOP/TTP development and training
    • Operator and bridge team procedures
    • Maritime Interdiction Operations
    • Search and Rescue operations
    • Davit operations / launch and recovery
    • Boarding operations
    • Escalation of force and weapon engagement
  • Rehearsal of concepts and operations
    • Mission planning, rehearsal and debriefing
    • Rules of engagement training
    • Scenario based operational decision making
    • Realistic scenarios with actual impact calculation

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