Share: K-Sim® Polaris - Ships bridge simulator

A Polaris ships bridge simulator is available for every budget and any bridge training need. As the largest manufacturer of ships bridge simulators we can give you complete freedom in selecting instrumentation facilities, bridge console arrangement, hydrodynamic ship models and exercise areas. The same software that powers our large ship handling simulators also powers our desktop workstations.

Customer benefits

DNV GL and STCW compliant

Up to 26 bridges and 8 instructor stations in the same simulator

Both workstation, part task and full mission bridges available in any combination

Complete set of real instruments for merchant marine and navy application is available

Advanced student assessment system

Ship and area modelling tools

Main simulator components

Instructor station facilities

ECDIS display

Visual system

Debriefing facilities

Software features

Exercise areas

Exercise modelling tool

Hydrodynamic ship models

Hydrodynamic ship modelling tool

Evaluation system

Training applications

Typical training applications include:

Plan and conduct a passage and determine position

Maintain a safe navigational watch

Use of radar and ARPA to maintain safety of navigation

Respond to emergencies

Respond to a distress signal at sea

Manoeuvre the ship

Plan a voyage and conduct navigation

Determine position and the accuracy of resultant position fix by any means

Determine and allow for compass errors

Co-ordinate search and rescue operations

Establish watch keeping arrangements and procedures

Maintains safe navigation through the use of radar and ARPA and modern navigation systems to assist command decision-making

Manoeuvre and handle a ship in all conditions

Operate remote controls of propulsion plant and engineering systems and services

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