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K-Sim Navigation is designed for the future of advanced and integrated ships bridge simulation training. It is based on a cutting-edge technology platform enabling more realistic training scenarios and enhanced user benefits for both instructors and students.


An advanced new physical engine and state-of-the-art hydrodynamic modelling allow vessels, objects and equipment to behave and interact as in real life. Vessels and objects including various geographical training areas and all possible weather conditions are brought to life with a sophisticated new visual system.

Instructor System

K-Sim Navigation has been developed with the user experience firmly in focus. In addition to the realistic environment for students, instructors benefit from an award winning* instructor system designed to facilitate ease of use. It features an intuitive and modern educational tool utilising a modified ECDIS chart as a starting point with drag & drop function for creating exercises. The instructor system also includes automatic recording and an advanced assessment system for ensuring optimal training and feedback standards.

*Award for Design Excellence from the Norwegian Design Council

Configuration flexibility

K-Sim Navigation provides a fully scalable range of options – from a PC based desktop system, through to a full mission bridge simulator.

Team training possibilities

K-Sim Navigation is built on the same core technology platform as the market leading K-Sim Offshore simulator. It can easily be integrated with other Kongsberg Maritime simulators to enable a comprehensive range of training scenarios. Already approved to DNV GL Class-A standards, K-Sim Navigation allows maritime schools and academies to extend their available portfolio of courses, while in addition, providing them with the controlled environment necessary for undertaking valuable research projects.

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