Share: K-Sim® Integrated Solutions

Human factors is one of the major reasons why incidents and accidents happens. Training of the entire crew both in procedures, communication as well as emergency situations is important and a key to improve knowledge and reduce the risk of human failures.

Kongsberg Digital provides a range of interdepartmental crew training possibilities through integration between our different K-Sim training systems. including: K-Sim Navigation, K-Sim Offshore Vessel, K-Sim Offshore Crane, K-Sim Engine, K-Sim Cargo and K-Sim Dynamic Positioning.

The integrated solution enables focus on vital human factors such as:

  • situational awareness
  • interaction and team-work
  • intership- and shore communication
  • leadership and decision-making
Our integrated simulator systems enable a vast amount of training possibilities and customized course offerings according to international standards, including:

  • Bridge Resource Management (BRM)
  • Engine Resource Management (ERM)
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM)

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