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Training of Dynamic Positioning Operators (DPO) is conducted according to IMCA M117 The Training and Experience of Key DP Personnel.

The training is done according to Nautical Institute's (NI) certification scheme in a five phase program; introduction course, seagoing familiarisation, followed by DP simulator course, supervised DP watch keeping, and concluding with final candidate Statement of Suitability by Master. 

Or the training can be done according to a DNV GL approved training scheme e.g KONGSBERG SMSC. The three levels are concluded with a practical assessment.

Training objectives

Operator errors during DP operations may lead to expensive downtime, or even worse; accidents or incidents resulting in damage, pollution, personnel injuries or fatalities. This implies the need for a comprehensive training program for key DP personnel along with accurate and realistic trainer systems. The K-Sim® DP, Basic is used throughout the basic and general training of DP operators.

Equipment and configuration

The desktop operator stations comprise a full operator panel connected to a PC and are arranged in a classroom setting with an instructor station. All DP stations normally simulate the same vessel and DP system configuration, but operate independently of each other.


The instructor will be able to guide the students when operating the DP system. The built in simulator offers realistic responses to the operations initiated by each student.

Simulated DP vessels

Kongsberg DP simulators provide training for most types of DP vessels and configurations including:

  • Supply vessel
  • Shuttle tanker
  • Drillship
  • Semi submersible drilling unit

Customer specific ship models with corresponding DP and hydrodynamic models can be delivered on request.

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DNV GL Certification

The K-Sim® DP, Basic is certified by DNV GL according to DNVGL-ST-0033 Maritime simulator systems and cover Class C.

Statement of Compliance

DP Features for Basic Trainer

K-Sim® DP, Basic are limited task simulators for instrumentation or blind DP manoeuvring, joystick manoeuvring and position keeping. The system satisfies Nautical Institute DP Simulator Class NI-C., featuring:

  • K-Pos user interface with the same information and settings that can be found onboard a K-Pos equipped vessel
  • Automatic position-keeping (including position change and heading change), Follow Target-, Autopilot- and Auto Track Modes
  • Simulated vessel behaviour
  • Simulated position-reference systems and sensors
  • Simulated thruster performance
  • Adjustment of simulated wind and current

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