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With 40 years of experience gained from 4000 Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems in operation, KONGSBERG has established itself as a pioneer and industry standard within the DP industry.

The same unique experience, knowledge and equipment are transferred and used in our K-Sim® DP simulators, making it possible to offer our customers a totally integrated simulator from one supplier. 


K-Sim® DP offer great flexibility to fit a wide range of training objectives, including DPO certification. These simulators have the necessary fidelity and realism required for engineering and mission planning, as well as assessment of existing or new crews, where various challenging operations can be evaluated, studied and optimised safely in the simulator.

As the leading developer of sophisticated DP simulators, KONGSBERG offer several tailored K-Sim® DP solutions in compliance with all the latest training regulations.

From desktop to full mission simulators 

Currently we provide three levels of DP simulators: 

K-Sim® DP, Basic (limited task DP simulator)

K-Sim® DP, Advanced (multi task DP simulator)

K-Sim® DP, Manoeuvring (full mission DP simulator)

Note: K-Sim® DP, Manoeuvring simulator is designed to meet the requirements for sea-time reduction courses and demanding offshore vessel operations.

More information about simulator training that allows sea-time reduction

Realistically simulated operations

K-Sim® DP is designed to support operations, to test procedures, increase competence and to minimise errors, thereby reducing the amount of errors and ultimately the cost of incidents during DP operation. Examples of offshore operations that can be realistically simulated are:

Close proximity ship handling in offshore areas, e.g. platform support vessels approach to platforms, buoys and FPSOs

Realistic offshore loading such as buoy loading, tandem loading and tug assistance

Offshore operations; supply-, construction- and dive support vessels etc.

Semi-submersible/drilling vessel station keeping with use of DP during drilling operations

Emergency manoeuvring

Instructor system

The K-Sim® DP Instructor system will access all exercise and environmental conditions, introduce failures and situations where the operator must take corrective actions. The instructor can e.g. initiate loss of thrusters and generators and create noise in sensor readings and position reference systems.

The instructor has the same range of information in "feedback" from the students. Faults and errors introduced, will force the trainee to e.g. find another thrusters allocation, start emergency generators and other systems, or selecting another sensor- or position reference system. A full set of sensor systems, fully interfaced to the DP system, are available with instructor controlled faults, noise and interference.

DNV GL Certification

All KONGSBERG Dynamic Positioning Simulators are certified by Det Norske Veritas according to DNVGL-ST-0033 Maritime simulator systems, and cover Class A, B and C – fully compliant with STCW's latest requirements for training purposes.

Nautical Institute

All KONGSBERG Dynamic Positioning Simulators are complaint with Appendix E – NI DP Simulator/Equipment specification issued by Nautical Institute in the Dynamic Positioning Operator Training Scheme Accreditation Standard, January 2016 revised version 1.2

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