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Mesotech’s Scanning Sonar is a TV Star!

History Channel documentary contributor, Prometheus Entertainment, contacted Kongsberg Mesotech last fall to participate in their program titled ‘The Curse of Oak Island’. It was an intriguing telephone call…


On board the Galileo

The European positioning system Galileo will be put into operation in the coming years. The signals we receive on the ground come from a frequency generator developed and produced by Kongsberg Norspace in Horten.

In the middle of Heartland

Johnstown is shaped like a heart in a landscape with mountains on all sides and a river that divides the city in two. Its industry emerged from the mines in the surrounding mountains. Describing Johnstown is like describing Kongsberg.


KONGSBERG in Australia

On the south-west point of the Australian is the city of Perth, with a population of close to two million and which was founded by the British captain James Stirling in 1829.

Strategic Partners

DEFENCE INDUSTRY: Security policy is a question of sovereignty and scope of action.


Extreme experience on Svalbard

An idea for thermal subsea pipes took Frokostklubben to Svalbard in connection with "Your Extreme", a student competition organised by KONGSBERG and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Your extreme på Svalbard

Follow the sun

No matter the time of day, someone will always answer the phone at Kongsberg Maritime if you call for help. Three high-tech support centres in Europe, America and Asia provide this 24-hour service.

The Industrial Locomotive

After the Second World War, KONGSBERG was recognised as one of the major industrial developers in Norway. Read more about how innovation and drive paved the road for an industrial adventure born in Kongsberg.

Providing safe shipping

SATELLITE SUCCESS: This room will house the data capacity required to ensure a safer working environment for seafarers in North Europe and the Barents Sea. The increase in demand for satellite data is good new for KONGSBERG.


Monitoring extreme conditions

How big is an iceberg and how fast does it move? KONGSBERG is developing technology that can give you the answer


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