Share:Martha Kold Bakkevig

 Martha Kold Bakkevig

Born: 1963

Position: Managing Partner MKOLD and owner of Kold Invest AS

Education: Master of Science, University of Trondheim (1990), Nordic Industrial Research Education (1995), Dr.Scient./PhD - Norwegian University of Science and Technology (1995), Solstrand Program (2000), Board of Directors Program NHO (2004) and Dr. Oecon./PhD, BI (2007)

Special experience: 20 years' experience in Management and Business Development and broad academic background with doctor's degree in both technical and business strategical subjects.

Member of the board since: 2017

Number of shares in Kongsberg Gruppen ASA: 1400 (Through Kold Invest AS owned 50% by Martha Kold Bakkevig)

Directorships outside KONGSBERG: Board member of BW LPG ASA, Borragaard ASA, Haugaland Kraft, Reach Subsea ASA and Incus Investor ASA.
Kold Invest AS owned 50% by Martha Kold Bakkevig
Kold Invest AS owned 50% by Martha Kold Bakkevig

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