Optical Space Communication

optical space communication

- European Union (ACTS)

- Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (Norway)
- Alcatel (Thomson CSF Laser Diodes) (France)
- University of Aveiro (Portugal)
- Matra Marconi Space (France)
- SINTEF Photonics (Norway)
- IPG Laser GmbH (Germany)
- Thomson CSF LCR (France)

Main issues:
- Project Management
- Design and manufacturing of 2.5Gbit/s optical transceiver

Total mass = 2.1 kg
Max Pconsum = 40W
Output Wavelength = 1544.5 nm
Average Output Power = 3.5 dBm @2.5Gbit/s
Transmitter output: Optical RZ-format
Receiver output: Electrical NRZ-format

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