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UnderwaterSurveillance & Protection

For some 30 years, KONGSBERG has been providing customised maritime surveillance solutions world-wide. More than 200 KONGSBERG systems have been installed in some of the world’s busiest ports, as well as on major offshore oil and gas fields, and in coastal areas. For decades, the Group has worked in close cooperation with the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (NDRE) to develop sonar systems for use in littoral environments. The main emphasis has been on wide band technology and coded pulses for the detection and classification of underwater targets, including divers and diver delivery vehicles in reverberation-limited environments. Target tracking methods and correlation with geographical information and surface sensor data have been introduced to facilitate target classification. Based on the long experience gained from submarine passive sonar systems, the Group has introduced passive sonar technology and Target Motion Analysis (TMA).

KONGSBERG also has considerable experience of underwater vehicle technology, tethered and autonomous alike, designed for surveillance, inspection and the destruction of objects.

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Underwater Surveillance and Protection System


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C-Scope - LASAR 5

C-Scope - LASAR 40 

C-Scope - LASAR 40M

C-Scope - C'Guard 

C-Scope - MSI

C-Scope - PASAR 1250

C-Scope - SCOOP


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