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21st century network-centric naval forces depend on state-of-the-art combat management systems. These must make sense of the tremendous amounts of information delivered by highly advanced sensors, wideband data links, and ever growing databases.

KONGSBERG offers technology that will help naval war fighters to be successful in the non-forgiving environment of the littoral seas – and to survive to fight, over and over again.

The company’s strong points are in submarine and surface ship combat systems, and in mine counter-measures systems.   

Our mission

We aspire to earn respect and recognition for our dedication to providing innovative, reliable naval systems that ensure optimal performance at sea. By utilising and integrating our technology and experience in hydroacoustics, command & control, navigation, simulation and systems integration, we offer world-class naval systems that will further reinforce our leading position with respect to technologies and solutions for top performance in coastal and blue waters.

Our philosophy

Success depends on customer satisfaction. We achieve our goals by actively listening to our customers and truly understanding their needs, and then translating those needs into successful products and solutions.

Skilled people are the key to our success and we give our customers the tools they need to succeed. We work together in a global network of knowledge, guided by our values, giving rise to innovation and world-class performance.



The product range of the Naval Systems Division is:


Surface Vessels

Mine Warfare Systems

Underwater Surveillance & Protection

Simulation & Training 

WORLD CLASS - through people, technology and dedication

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