The FDC-SHORAD/VSHORAD (FDC-S) system provides Air Defense Battle Management, Fire Control & Coordination and System Communications Management. It is a scalable system that provides a flexible solution for varying mobility, deploy-ability and mission requirements.


  • Proven and fielded BMC4I for air defense
  • Net-Centric, modular and scalable
  • Supports multiple sensors, sensor types, launchers and weapons
  • Easy to Operate
  • Low Manpower Requirement
  • NATO Interoperable with Optional TADILs and interface message protocols (e.g. Link 11B, Link16, LLAPI etc.)
  • Open software and hardware architecture ensures technology insertion and support of national requirements

The FDC-S is characterized by its advanced BMC4I and fire control, state of-the-art tactical interfaces and modern man machine interface (MMI) that optimizes the use of SHORAD/VSHORAD weapon platforms.
The FDC-S utilizes modern C2 technology significantly increasing the combat efficiency of SHORAD/VSHORAD weapons.

The FDC-S increases situational awareness for the SHORAD/VSHORAD operators and provides early warning and accurate 3D target data for engagement. Efficiency increases up to 60% when cued by a high performance 3D radar like the Sentinel radar from Thales Raytheon Systems. The FDC-S ensures friendly protection and coordinates the effects of SHORAD/VSHORAD in the battlefield.

With the FDC-S system, the weapon operator's into-action time is dramatically reduced. Surveillance, Tracking, Identification, Threat Evaluation and Weapon Target allocation is optimized for the weapon systems.

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