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Since the early 1970s, KONGSBERG has supplied command, weapons control & information systems to all armed services. In co-operation with national and international companies, KONGSBERG has participated in comprehensive programmes worldwide.

KONGSBERG Integrated Defence Systems, in partnership with Raytheon, is offering state-of-the-art ground based air defence solutions such as NASAMS, HAWK XXI and VSHORAD, as well as BOC (Battalion Operations Center) and GBADOC (Ground Based Air Defence Operation Center).

FDC - Fire Distribution Center

The core element of the KONGSBERG Air Defence Systems is the FDC (Fire Distribution Center). The FDC builds on flexibility, scalability, interoperability, and an open SW/HW architecture to enable fully netted and distributed operations and ease insertion of new technology and capabilities. The FDC enables integration of a variety of sensors and effectors, it is proven with the HAWK and AMRAAM missile and prepared for interfacing with the IRIS-T missile, the AIM 9X Sidewinder and the Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile (ESSM).

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