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ODIN Fire Support System (FSS) offers advanced Fire Support for guns (Artillery) and mortars in various organization structures, ranging from the gun up to division level to accommodate the user's needs.

Optimized Situational Awareness

ODIN gives the artillery commander the ability to:

  • Optimize the use of all types of artillery resources to provide the right amount of firepower at the right place at the right time
  • Avoid “Blue on Blue” incidents during operations
  • Plan and execute multiple rounds for simultaneous target impact
  • Improve safety during peacetime exercises
  • Engage the high value targets according to priority
  • Engage multiple targets simultaneously
  • Reduce the engagement time for all types of fire missions
  • Provide fire support from several weapon platforms like mortars and tube artillery from one common system
  • Optimize the use of sensors, weapon platforms and communication systems
  • Reduce the amount of personnel required for artillery operations
  • Reduce the “shoot and move” cycle
  • Optimize for fast manoeuvre

ODIN FSS uses NATO Armaments Ballistic Kernel (NABK) to calculate the ballistics and supports all phases of a fire mission, from initial planning, thought deployment, target engagement, damage assessment and reporting.

ODIN FSS automatically provides fire solutions to incoming fire missions by the use of effectiveness analysis and tactical guidance given by the commander. ODIN FSS may be extended with a full C2I System and adapted into the Land Forces organisation at the desired echelon.

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