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Kongsberg Norspace Command receivers are designed for use onboard GEO commercial telecom satellites.


C-, Ku- and Ka-band

  • Single or Dual or Flexible (Agile) Frequency
  • Wide In-Orbit Frequency Agility Range
  • CAN-Bus or Platform Specific Interface
  • In-Orbit Switchable FM/PM Mode
  • Excellent Interferer Immunity
  • Reduced lead time using standard crystal oscillator frequency on-stock
  • Late and flexible On-Ground frequency setting
  • Main Specifications
    • Input Level Range: -50 to -112 dBm
    • Data: 250, 500, 1000, 2000 or 4000 bps on 8 kHz / 16 kHz subcarrier
    • 4 kHz to 100 kHz ranging tones
    • BER < 10-6 at telecommand threshold level
    • Space Qualified to ESA and Multi-prime Environmental Requirements


In Orbit:

  • Six Ku-band Receivers
  • Two Ku-band Agile Receivers

Delivered, to be launched:

  • Two Ka-band Receivers
  • Four Ku-band Agile Receivers
  • Two C-band Receivers

Under contract for delivery in 2017/18:

  • Four Ka-band Receivers
  • Five Ku-band Agile Receivers
  • Six C-band Agile Receivers

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