Share:Satellite launch brings advanced Norspace TC&R products into orbit


Satellite launch brings advanced Norspace TC&R products into orbit

Horten, Norway, 1 December 2010 – A telecommunications satellite launched last month carrying four advanced Beacon transmitters made by Norspace signifies  a major milestone for the company. The contract for supply of the Beacons was signed just over two years ago, in October 2008, and the units were delivered to the satellite manufacturer one year later. Space Systems/Loral has subsequently ordered, under two separate contracts, another ten similar units from Norspace of which six delivered in 2010 with the remaining four units to be delivered next year.

Based on numerous up- and down-converters flown on multiple satellites, the Beacon transmitter is one of several advanced Telemetry Command and Ranging (TC&R) products developed by Norspace since 2006. The other products are Telemetry Transmitters and Command Receivers. The Beacons are very similar to the Telemetry Transmitters except they do not include a telemetry data modulator.

In addition to the Beacon contracts, Norspace is also under contract to supply Telemetry Transmitters and Command Receivers to a European satellite manufacturer.

As an add-on to its core analog signal processing and frequency generation products, Norspace started to develop TC&R products in 2006 as a strategic move to diversify its product base. The TC&R products are expected to generate steady demand since they are used in all commercial GEO satellites.  The earlier signal processing and frequency generation products are mostly used in satellites with on-board processing and are subject to significant fluctuations in demand over the years.

Commenting on the successful satellite launch, Norspace’s President Sverre Bisgaard said: “Space Systems/Loral and Norspace share a commitment to exceptionally high quality and reliability.  We are pleased to work with Space Systems/Loral to expand the flight heritage for our evolving product line and the recent launch marks a significant milestone.”


The first four TC&R units delivered by Norspace are in orbit aboard a satellite launched last month.

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