"TrList.ini" installation instructions

Transducer definition file upgrade. This page describes how to upgrade the TrList.ini file.

The TrList.ini file contains the transducer parameters obtained during calibration. It also contains generic parameters related to transducer settings and limitations.

Installation procedure

When the TrList.ini file has been replaced, the transducer calibration data is lost.

  1. Download the TrList.ini file.

  2. Close down the ER60 echo sounder application, and access the computer's file structure.

  3. Locate the current TrList.ini. By default, the file is located in directory

    Windows XP: C:\Program Files\Simrad\Scientific\EK60

    Windows 7: C:\ProgramData\Simrad\ER60\ConfigSettings

  4. Make a backup copy of the current file.

  5. Copy the new TrList.ini into the same directory.

  6. Restart the ER60 echo sounder application.

  7. Calibrate the echo sounder system before you use it for scientific purposes.

Release history

Release/Date Changes
08 April 2013
Released with new SW version 2.4.3 for the Simrad EK60.
24 May 2012
New transducer added:
  • Simrad ES70-7CD
Power settings for several transducers have been modified.
10 July 2009
New transducers added:
  • Simrad ES120-7CD
  • Simrad ES333-7C
  • Simrad ES333-7CD

Note that only the latest version of the TrList.ini file can be downloaded.