Downloading CHM files

Information about Microsoft's proprietary CHM file format

The CHM file format is commonly used as "Help" files on our products. The format is however suitable for all kinds of documents, as it offers a small interactive file. For this reason, the majority of our documents are provided in CHM format.

If you use Microsoft's Internet Explorer to browse the world wide web, the CHM files can not be opened directly. If you attempt to do this, the file will appear empty. This is a safety feature implemented by Microsoft, and we can not do anything with it.

In order to open the CHM files, observe the following procedure:

  • Click the right mouse button on the file link.
  • Observe the short-cut menu.
  • Click Save target as... (or similar)
  • Download the CHM file to your own harddisk.

Once the CHM file is placed on a local drive, you can easily open it.

Please note that CHM file will not open on computers offering other operating systems than Microsoft.