Simrad SP90 summary

The Simrad SP90 is a long range, low frequency fish finding sonar. For many years, it was Simrad's most requested sonar for large trawlers and purse seiners.

Note that this product has been discontinued.

It is continously proving itself in both the southern and northern hemispheres as a sophisticated solution providing the best underwater picture for many fish types. It has helped to improve catches of everything from tuna in the southern Atlantic to herring and mackerel in the North Sea.


Simrad SP90 is a low frequency omni directional sonar. It is specially designed for detection of weak and scattered targets such as tuna and mackerel. The Simrad SP90 sonar offers short and long-range performance using advanced wide band transducer design combined with digital transmitting and receiver technology. The Simrad SP90 sonar also provides unique options such as eleven user-selectable operating frequencies from 20 to 30 kHz and full circle beam stabilization. Sequence recording with play back, picture memories, resizable windows, three target tracks and/or marks, off center, zoom functions and dual range are all standard features.

The Simrad SP90 also offers omni directional beam stabilization. This functionality has been available from Simrad as far back as 1997, when the SP270 sonar was introduced. Simrad is now on its third generation of this advanced stabilization technology, and we are able to provide incredible stability on the SP90 for those vessels fishing in the rough North Atlantic Ocean.