Simrad SP90 Software releases

The latest version of the Simrad SP90 operational software is release 1.3.2.

The new software version includes:

  • New function Tip 
  • Improved performance
  • Improved installation program

Do I need an upgrade?

The new release is not considered to be very important. However, many SP90 trawl skippers have requested this feature, and for this reason we recommend that all trawlers update their sonar software. The upgrade may for example take place during the next vessel overhaul.


Contact your local dealer, or Simrad's support organisation, for instructions. The software can not be downloaded from this web site.

Additional information

A Software Release Note has been issued. Observe the link on the right hand side.

The Tip function

The new Tip function is a 180 degrees fan shaped horizontal beam with a vertical beam width of 9 degrees. This is similar to the to Bow up/180 Vertical mode on the Simrad SP70 sonar. You can tip this horizontal beam from +10 to -60 degrees, and thereby cover an area from 90 degrees port to 90 degrees starboard in front of your vessel.

The SP90 sonar has a cylindrical transducer. For this reason you will have a blank spot under the vessel when you tip this vertical fan from -70 down to -90 degrees. However, you will still have cover from 0 and down to -60 degrees on both sides of the vessel. In addition to the readout in the Tip menu button, the selected tip angle is shown with a dotted white line in the tilt indicator in the upper left corner.

Vertical beam width depends on the current frequency used. At 30 kHz the vertical beam width in transmission as well as reception is 6.75 degrees, and at 20 kHz is is 11 degrees.